Creating A Ray Traced Angel

Every year since 1995 I’ve created a ray traced, computer-generated image for a Christmas card. But before I created this Christmas cards I created an image that is my rendition of the St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church logo how it would look if it were three-dimensional instead of a line drawing. I’ve created this video to show you the process I use to create such images. Eventually I hope to create a similar video for each one of my Christmas card designs. This angel appeared in my 1995, 1996 and several other cards. It established the visual style for many of the elements of future cards. So when you’ve got about 13 minutes to spare, check out the video embedded below or better yet click here to view it on YouTube in full-screen mode since it is in full 1080 HD.

See how I turn this… Into this…
gablogo4x3 gab4x3

Here is the video below.

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